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Phytosanitary measures for commodities

PM 8 - Commodity-speciļ¬c phytosanitary measures


You can view individual EPPO standards by clicking on the links. You will be redirected to the Wiley Online Library website (publishing the EPPO Bulletin) in a separate browser window. Files (PDF) are also stored in the EPPO Global Database.


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Number Title of Standard
PM 8/1(2) Potato
PM 8/2(2) Coniferae
[PM 8/3(1)] Quercus and Castanea [replaced by PM 8/4 and PM 8/5]
PM 8/4(1) Castanea
PM 8/5(1) Quercus
PM 8/6(1) Betula
PM 8/7(1) Populus
PM 8/8(1) Salix