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Workshop for inspectors on tools available for inspection
York, GB, 2017-12-13/15

- First announcement -


The next EPPO Workshop for phytosanitary inspectors will be organized from the 13th to the 15th of December 2017 in York (GB) at Sand Hutton. The Workshop will begin at 14.00 on the 13th and finish at 13.00 on the 15th. The Workshop will be held in English. The target audience of the Workshop are inspectors and others working closely with inspectors.

Main topics

The Workshop will tackle some of the main inspection challenges faced by EPPO member countries, among which is early detection of outbreaks and of infected consignments, as well as the difficulty of inspection of wooden packaging material to ensure compliance with ISPM15.

During the Workshop, an overview of results from various projects on early detection methods will be given. Tools developed for early detection will be presented and there will also be possibilities for demonstrations and hand on sessions. This is the case in particular for Genie/LAMP tests developed in the framework of EMPHASIS and H2020 EU funded project and for remote sensing and the use of drones.

Discussions will also be organized on how EPPO countries inspect Wood Packaging Material to ensure compliance with ISPM15.

Pre-registration and call for communications

For the general sessions, we would also like to invite participants to present their experience with the development and use of inspection tools. Presentations could address in particular:

  • Early detection methods,
  • Remote sensing,
  • Inspection of wood packaging material.

Participants are invited to submit proposals for presentations. Title and short abstracts should be submitted through the online registration system.


Online pre-registration (deadline 2017-09-15)




Details on accommodation will be provided later in September, but note that the amount for the registration fee should not exceed 250 Euros.



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